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Why you should work with Calcs-Plus
The answer is quite simple:  We do not sell any products or electricity.

How often have you been called by product’s A, B, and C’s representative promising that that their product will save you 30%, 40% or 50% on your electric bill?  Multiply that by about ump-teen different energy-related products and you have just saved 1,000% on your electric bill.  Enough not only for you to enjoy $0.00 utility bills, but enough to give away for Christmas gifts.

Of course, this isn’t true.  The customer whether it be a Builder, Homeowner, Architect, Contractor or other client requires a truly "3rd-party" entity to provide independent and un-biased services.  Those services include not only energy-efficiency services, but those that involve a systems approach to buildings which include:

1.  Energy-Efficiency
2.  Indoor Air Quality
3.  Building Durability
4.  Health and Safety
Remove any of the four items above, and you have a very unhappy homeowner.

So remember, when someone promotes themselves as an Energy or Indoor Air Quality Expert and even promises services for "Free", take a minute and ask yourself:  "What are they selling"?

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