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Various energy efficient programs available

Energy Star Programs
New for Florida Homeowners

Verify that your home has been performance tested for Energy Star certification. Your home may not have been tested and could have been labeled without inspection. For more complete Energy Star definitions see Energy Star Labeling protocols.

In order to confirm that your home has been tested and certified by a professional, perform a search at the Florida Solar Energy Center’s website - Florida Energy Rating Search Form.

Certified Rating*

Home is rated by either the performance based Class 1 or a Class 2 rating and registered through the Homes Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider. Every house is tested and/or inspected based on the type of rating. Reports of Energy Star certified house is sent to EPA quarterly.

This is the highest level of inspection and quality control procedures and can be
tailored to minimize the costs for compliance. This is the only labeling method that receives a HERS score and the rating is archived by the HERS Provider upon registration.

A Certificate of Validation is issued and a rating report and financial disclosure form is signed by the energy rater.

* Due to Ethical and Liability issues, Calcs-Plus only submits certified ratings for Energy Star labeling

Builder Option Packages (BOPS)

These are prescriptive packages specifying what materials and equipment must be used in order to obtain Energy Star compliance. This method does not take into consideration the costs of those measures. A duct test must be performed but is usually combined with the sampling procedure (see below).

This is not a rating and EPA does not provide any quality control procedures. Only approved Builder Option Providers and is not recognized by the State’s Rating authority as an approved protocol. A listing of the companies that perform BOPS and not ratings can be found at Residential Energy Services Network Accredited BOP Providers.

Sampling Program

A program that allows for 1 house out of a batch of 7 be randomly selected and rated (Class 1 Rating) out of 7 houses. If that house passes with a score of 86 or above, the other 6 houses are automatically assumed to be Energy Star compliant, even though they have not been inspected or tested. If that house does not pass, all houses in that batch must be rated, according to EPA, even if occupied by the homeowner. Sampled houses are not recognized by the HERS provider and do not receive a HERS score. Results are sent directly to EPA. No quality control oversight by the State. This program is embraced for their easy convenience, low cost and minimal effort of testing and inspecting as few as 15% of homes that receive the Energy Star label.

Residential Programs

Calcs-Plus provides turn key residential services ranging from providing code compliance forms (room
by room load and energy code calculations) for the permitting process to financial analysis and improvements consultation up to final certification (Energy Star or field testing & Home Commissioning).

Our HVAC Load calculations are based upon ACCA Manual J, v.7. Version 8 will be adopted shortly. Florida Energy Code calculations are based upon ResFREE 2001 v.3.30 effective on July 01, 2003.

Home Building Programs in Florida

The following list was developed by the Florida Solar Energy Center

Energy efficiency and environmental benefits listed least efficient to most beneficial

Utility Provider Programs
• Organization:  Electric and/or gas utility
• Local Assistance:  Utility representative - contact your local provider
• Energy Efficiency Level:  Varies from slightly better than code to meeting Energy Star

Energy Star
• Organization:  US EPA - Builder must sign memorandum of understanding (no cost)
• Local Assistance:  Rater to evaluate each home - EPA also has sampling and Builder Option Packages programs
• Energy Efficiency Level:  HERS Score of 86, 30% better than minimum national code, 15-30% better than FL code depending on fuels & climate

Florida Energy Rating System
• Organization:  DCA / FSEC administers
• Local Assistance:  Trained and certified energy rater. Locate a rater at EnergyGuage
• Energy Efficiency Level:  Florida’s official Home Energy Rating System (HERS)2 based on performance code method. Class 1 includes inspection and building and duct tightness testing. (Can be used to qualify for Energy Star designation)

Building America
• Organization:  US Department of Energy Builder -  must become partner (no cost)
• Local Assistance:  FSEC or other DOE Building America team
• Energy Efficiency Level:  Usually strives for HERS Score2 of 90 while maintaining or improving good indoor air quality, durability, and cost effectiveness.

Florida Designated Green Home
• Organization:  Florida Green Building Coalition
• Local Assistance:  Green Home Certifier. Locate a Certified Agent at Florida Green Building Coalition
• Energy Efficiency Level:  Has eight categories with many choices - Building Envelope Energy, Appliance Energy, Water, Site, Health, Materials, Disaster Mitigation and General.

Zero Energy Homes
• Organization:  US DOE
• Local Assistance:  FSEC or other DOE Zero Energy Home team/partner
• Energy Efficiency Level:  Demonstration home with net zero energy use because of exceptional energy-efficient design, construction and appliances combined with renewable energy generation.

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