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Details on exactly what you can expect from Calcs-Plus

Our Step by Step Process
1. Contact by Client.  Explain Calcs-Plus role and services that we provide.

2. Explain testing procedures and different energy-efficient programs with their advantages and disadvantages of specific programs.

3. Collect construction documents, drawings and proposed energy dependent specifications.

4. Perform room-by-room equipment sizing load calculations in Elite/RHVAC software.

5. Provide cost effective recommendations to the client to optimize energy efficiency based upon specific goals (Energy Star, specific HERS Score). Calculate score based upon worst case orientation of building. Inform client of maximum amount of duct leakage allowable to reach goal.

6. Re-calculate load calculations based upon recommendations accepted.

7. Provide mid-point test of duct work by pressurizing duct system with theatrical fog (optional). Have AC personnel seal any identified leakage.

8. Provide final inspection on house. Final inspection includes verification of material and equipment installation per specifications. Conduct house infiltration and duct testing with blower door and duct tester. Calculate Total and Out leakage. Note any discrepancies for correction.

9. Complete data entry into software and calculate final results. Send electronic file to the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) for review and approval. Receive security code from the FSEC to activate printing function for the rating.

10. Print reports for clients. Reports include Energy Rating Guide, Fannie Mae Energy Report, Disclosure form, Energy Star Certificate (if applicable).

11. Give reports to client and answer any questions.

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