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Stories about Calcs-Plus and owner Dennis Stroer

From Herald Tribune
Duct leaks costly and common

VENICE - How much leakage would you tolerate in your home's plumbing system? Considering the damage water can do inside a house's walls, your answer should be "none." 

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From WWSB ABC 7 – My Suncoast

Living Green: Calcs Plus home energy audit

SARASOTA - Every homeowner would like to pay lower utility bills. One of the best places to start that process is with a home energy audit. A Suncoast company specializes in showing people how to make their homes more efficient. 

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Habitat For Humanity building green

NOKOMIS - More builders on the Suncoast are going green and that now includes the South County Habitat for Humanity. The non-profit group is about to unveil its first Energystar home. They say it's built stronger healthier faster and more efficient.  

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From Florida Green Building Coalition

Helps Buildings Thrive – Dennis Stroer of Calcs-Plus


A load was lifted off of Dennis Stroer’s back when he got out the air conditioning business. No more installing, selling, or servicing air conditioners; now he deals only in paper and ink.

After leaving the air conditioning business in 1991, he started Calcs-Plus, a company that provides HVAC load calculations, energy code calculations, duct system design, building diagnostics related to infiltration and moisture control, Class 1 energy ratings, and training in calculation and design procedures.

Originally from Detroit, Stroer moved to Venice, FL, with his wife, Cheryl, and kids in 1973 because they wanted a change from the big city. “Venice is beautiful, 17 miles of beach” says Cheryl. “We don’t miss Detroit. We were in our twenties when we moved, and our life is here now.”

“Running an air conditioning contracting company was my introduction into building science,” says Stroer. “I started the company in 1976 and sold it in 1998.”
“There was a building recession in Florida, and I was tired of competing with other air conditioning contractors for the work that was left as the prices they were willing to work for,” says Stroer. “So one day we gave away $144,000 worth of contracts for construction that we had on our books and decided to concentrate on helping other A/C contractors with HVAC loads and required energy code calculations. We knew that the average contractor did not have time to do these things.”

Calcs-Plus was recently profiled in an ABC news segment in which the South County Habitat for Humanity unveiled its first Energy Star-certified home. Habitat for Humanity, for which Calcs-Plus performs free services, is changing the way it builds affordable homes. In this news segment, Stroer was shown performing the testing for energy waste. The home was constructed using panels of concrete filled with Styrofoam instead of a wood frame with vinyl siding, and Stroer’s testing showed that is uses 15 percent less energy than most new homes and nearly half the energy of a typical home.

“They thought about the envelope first,” says Stroer, “and the envelope is so important because if we have a leaky envelope, we’re wasting money trying to air condition air that’s leaking into the house.”

Calcs-Plus also works with the Building America Partnership for Advanced Residential Construction (BAPARC), a Department of Energy program that challenges builders t take energy efficiency to the next level, certifying them with the Builders Challenge. The ultimate goal for BAPARC buildings is net zero energy, meaning they produce as much energy as they use.

Cals-Plus is also a provider of continuing education credits for contractors and offers several classes led by Stroer in building science. Stroer is also currently working with the University of Central Florida and the Florida Solar Energy Center training weatherization agencies.

“I like most everything we do in our business, but diagnosing building failures realating to moisture problems in our climate is my favorite,” says Stroer. “I see a building as a living, breathing thing, and I like to help it perform better.”

From Florida Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association

Calcs-Plus Receives Recognition at State Conference

MACCA’s member Calcs-Plus was recognized for excellence in the HVACR industry at FRACCA’s 2011 Awards Luncheon sponsored by White-Rodgers and Johnstone Supply, the Ware Group during the 7th Annual Education Conference in Orlando on April 1, 2011.


Dennis and Cheryl Stroer with FRACCA President Bryan Lingerfelt of JP Griffin.

MACCA member Calcs-Plus was honored with the 2011 FRACCA Corporate Award. Dennis and Cheryl Stroer pictured with FRACCA President Bryan Lingerfelt of JP Griffin were present to accept the award recognizing their long-standing reputation for community service as well as service to the industry. They have created a corporate culture of lending their special expertise in HVAC and energy efficiency to those in their community most in need, including Habitat for Humanity projects and other local projects.

Calcs-Plus has been a leader in green building and the Stroers sit on various boards and committees that have input into practices and regulations that impact the HVAC industry.

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