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Written by Calcs-Plus

Achieving Leak free Ducts for Energy Code Compliance: Smoke Test and Verify
Recent changes in the Florida Energy Code may require builders to re-evaluate energy efficiency measures included in their homes in order to pass code.  One credit, the leak-free duct credit, provides...more

Published by Florida Solar Energy Center

Overview of Energy Efficiency Financing
Why Should A Lender be Concerned with Financing Energy Efficiency?  David Carey, Director of Energy Finance for Fannie Mae said, "This ground-floor opportunity promises to be...more

How Can Home Energy Efficiency Be Improved?
The energy End-Use Rating Scales provided on page 2 of the Rating Guide (DCA Form 11) give a good indication of the relative efficiencies of the various energy end-uses...more

Published by Internal Revenue Service

FAQs for Builders About the Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for New Homes
Q: In general what allows a home to qualify for the tax credit?  A: To meet the energy saving requirements, a home must use no more than 50% of the energy used by a home built to...more


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